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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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they spoke with the fremont police about why they felt they had to knock on her door. >>. >> reporter: fremont police not talking a lot on camera at all about this. officers, by the way, telling the woman when they went to her door, the reason they're there is because the san bernardino shootings have put them on a heightened alert. last wednesday at dick's sporting goods, this woman asked about buying eight boxes of ammunition for her ar-156789 the same weapon used in the recent san bernardino shootings. she didn't byham owe but used her card to buy an exercise mat. two days later, two police officers knocked on her door saying the employee had alert d them. >> i don't know if it was my skin color, i don't know if it's the way i look. i'm indian. i was born and raised in america. i'm a citizen here. i'm not muslim. but if i was, even if i was, i don't think that that's grounds for them to call the police on me instantly.
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>> store employees, had they asked, she would have produced proof that she's a certified firearms instructor. they entered her home and saw her union police explorer photo. she's prepared to join the lapd. >> the store manager referred our questions to the corporate office. >> the officers apologized to her but defended their duty to check out what residents consider suspicious. >> i feel like i was racially profiled. i have tons of friends who are both law enforcement officers and normal citizens here. they purchase ammunition all the time in bulk before the san bernardino shooting and after that incident as well. they've never been questioned before. they've never had the police show up at their house before. >> reporter: tonight no response from dick's sporting goods, either locally or from corporate. meanwhile, the spokeswoman i spoke with from the police department said there's no defined policy, police policy to
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bring about police actions. heightened police actions. if there is someone who considers someone doing something perhaps terrorist-related. however, the spokeswoman reported no other incidents exist to her knowledge. such as the one that just happened. reporting live in fremont, i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. richmond police say they've cracked the biggest art heist they've ever faced. a famed artist had a year's worth of her work stolen a couple of months ago. tonight, it's been recovered. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in richmond with more on this bust. jodi? >> reporter: raj, that art collection consists of one of a kind valuable art pieces. i am told that they are worth up to $18,000 apiece. tonight they are all accounted for and the suspect is behind bars. >> they're blown glass molds and they consisted of an anatomical hearts and some heads and
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torsos. >> reporter: you're looking at delicate and valuable blown glass sculptures that have been recovered tonight four months after someone stole a trailer containing the pieces from the streets of richmond. >> the artist had been in the area locally to attend an art show in sausalito and had all of her artwork enclosed in a trailer. that trailer was parked on the street. >> reporter: the artist who lives part-time in italy and part-time in chicago, had an entire year's worth of work taken. police have been hot on the case. some anonymous tips led to seven of the pieces dumped behind april dirt pile in a residential area a few weeks ago. police say the thieves tried hard to cover their tracks. >> we believe that the suspects were trying to avoid us locating either fingerprints or dna evidence on those items. thus, they covered those in some sort of automotive fluid or oil. >> reporter: the other ten pieces were found later.
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46-year-old mario silva was arrested the art will soon be reunited with the artist, alexis silk, who police say is ecsta c ecstatic. >> recovering property, getting somebody in custody on a major, major theft like this involving art, pretty unheard of. >> reporter: again, the artist, we're told is in italy tonight. she hasn't quite been reunited with her art yet. but we're told it's safe under lock and key with some friends here in richmond. reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. jodi, thank you. one year later, they're still searching for answers. the deadly case of mistaken identity remains unsolved. san leandro college student joel ramirez was found dead in the front seat of his car which was idling in the driveway of his home. police say the gunman mistook him for a nearby pot grower. >> it was unfortunate joel drove a vehicle the same color and
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very, very similar in style to that of the person responsible for the marijuana grow operation. >> detectives describe ramirez as a good kid. there's a $25,000 reward in this case. the san leandro city council is expected to consider doubling that reward money next week. the temperatures are dropping all across the bay area. you better bundle up over the next couple of days. it will be chilly. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. there are a few cloud hanging around after the weekend rain. but the temperatures are the big deal. we should say the low deal, right, jeff? >> definitely. over the next 24 hours, numbers will be going super low for the morning. on the doppler radar, we're tracking iesz lated spotty showers from san francisco to the south bay. unfortunately, these light showers will not stick around long enough to produce snowfall when temperatures go into the 30s. thought i would get that out of way first. how cold is it right now? one of our coldest in marin, napa and sonoma counties, check
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not guilty at 48. santa rosa 49. napa at 50. also in the south bay, we're seeing numbers starting to drop. schek it out in san martin, 44. how low for tomorrow morning? the way it looks now, napa 33. walnut creek 35. san jose 35 as well. if winds drop even lower tomorrow morning, we could see isolated 20s. we're tracking it all in the next 15 minutes. thank you, jeff. we'll check in with you in a little bit. the rain made for beautiful conditions out on the slopes. some of the fresh powder in the sierra. this is video from kirkwood. the last 24 hours, more than 14 inches of snow has fallen there. as the temperatures get colder, you can always track them with our nbc bay area app. click on weather on the drop-down menu. that will find you the latest forecast. hundreds of babies are among the possible exposed people to
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tuberculosis. those babies are now being treated as a precaution while the rest of their family members are being tested. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is there. this has been happening for several days now. is there any progress? >> reporter: days later, the hospital says they've tried to contact all the people involved. they've reached the majority of them. the test something under way and will continue throughout the week. the good news out of all of this, there are no new cases of tuberculosis so far. >> people are afraid of infectious diseases at this particular point. >> this doctor is waiting for the results of his patient's tuberculosis test that he performed over the weekend. his patient who has a young baby visited family at the infants care unit early last month where a nurse tested positive for the dangerous bacteria.
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>> if a baby is exposed to tuberculosis in its first few weeks of life, it can develop serious complications like meningitis. >> more than 1,000 people, includeding 350 infants, may have been exposed between mid-august and mid-november. her co-workers say she showed no symptoms and only discovered the infection during an unrelated medical appointment with her doctor. >> she was not coughing. we would consider her to be a very low risk for actually spreading tuberculosis to most individuals. >> the hospital says all of the adults who are potentially exposed thereby tested, including employees at the hospital. as a precaution, the infants will receive a six-month antibiotic treatment along with monthly chest sprays. >> we're getting them into the clinics to be screened add providing the preventative treatment to the infants. >> santa clara county has nearly three times the national average
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for tv. doctors attribute that to the high immigration rate in this area. reporting live in san jose, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. now to a follow-up. it appears great america will pay a hefty fine for an accident at the park. you may back in june on the flight deck ride, a mechanic was recovering a cell phone in a restricted area of the ride when the train car rolled in and hit him. the rider was also hit. the pork's owner did not properly train its workers or have safety protocols in place. the fine is $70,000. great america will appeal that decision. one of the top referees of the nba has publicly announced he's gay. this comes after a heated run-in with a star player during a game. billiken di hopes his coming out sends a positive to others not to be ashamed of what you are. >> after rondo made anti-gay
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slurs towards him. rondo has now been suspended by the office. his comments were disrespectful and offensive. we wholeheartedly disapprove of anything that discriminates against sex annual orientation. >> rondo said my actions during the game were out of frustration and emotion. they absolutely do not reflect my feelings towards the lgbt community. caught on tape. a man breaks into a nonprofit for children and makes off with their donations. i'm marianne favro. that story is coming up in a live report. is it a fix for california roads? our political analyst breaks down the actual roadblock. bay charity... stealing
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donations meant to help children. surveillance video shows a man br a burglar targets a south bay charity stealing donations meant to help children. the surveillance video shows this man breaking into the office and stealing about a thousand bucks in cash and some other items. nbc bay area's marianne favro is at that office. a lot of people depend on this nonprofit. this is a recurring problem. what's the issue? >> reporter: we don't know what the issue is yet. they have been hit three times in the last two years.
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the burglar walked out of this front door yesterday holding all the cash. the third time in two years, this office has had a break-in. >> they kicked in the door here and this strip was just broken. >> that break-in was caught on tape. surveillance video shows a man entering the back door of the bay area children's association on saratoga avenue in san jose yesterday afternoon. the suspect headed to the front desk where' stole a locked box filled with a thousand dollars cash. it was supposed to go to help clients like 24-year-old brendan doyle. >> that could have been donated to someone and someone stealing that potential donation is just messed up. >> known as baca, it provides mental health services for kids and young adults. offering everything from art therapy to one-on-one counseling. >> as far as funds available through grants and donations and charitable efforts, mental
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health is not something that gets a lot of attention. it's very impactful that some of the donations we do have are missing. >> the thief got away with two tablet devices like this one and more than ten target gift cards given as rewards to clients. the director says this is the third time this office has been burglarized in the past two years. >> definitely frustration and some anger. >> fortunately, there were no medical records on the two tablets that were stolen. police are investigating this crime and they ask that if you recognize that man you just saw on the surveillance video, give them a call. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, marianne. a new jail or mental health help. the city of san francisco is deciding whether to invest in treatment over incarceration.
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activists voted against building a new jail. the vote takes place tomorrow and saying no could be difficult. the state is offering $80 million to help build that facility. >> the fact that our state is willing to give millions of dollars to build prisons all over the state of california is wrong. it is not the right way, it is not the smart way. it is not the progressive way that san francisco is known for. >> they could likely vote against the new jail. christmas cheer could turn into tragedy. that warning from firefighters on the peninsula today. the menlo park fire department showed what can happen. turkey fryers, fireplaces, just to name a few. >> they showed how fast a tree catches fire. over the years, they've responded to numerous tragedies during the holidays. >> someone smoking a cigarette, whatever the reason is going to
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be. a dead tree unwatered in our home can be a catastrophe if you're not careful. >> that's not everything. carbon monoxide poisoning and stove top fires still a big concern. the fire department is hoping this simulation helps to save some lives. >> i just checked my tree. it was bone dry. you got to keep checking it. >> jeff, ranieri is here. >> we have a few spotty isolated showers right now. only trace amounts .01 over the past three hours. be on the look dwrout for that. north bay, east bay. not a big storm system. it's just a break off from a larger storm off to the north. the big thing we're tracking are the colder temperatures. check out the micro climates. averaging 47 in the north bay. san francisco 52. low 50s in the south bay. the coldest widespread for the east bay. i want to take you down to contra costa, or inda dropping
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to 49. dublin in the club as well. but look at this. 45 here. livermore checking in with 43 degrees and fremont at 48. now, the wind right now, this is what's so remarkable is gusty. 10 to 20 miles per hour. that wind creates friction and genuinely helps to keep things warmer. a what we're trying to say is by tomorrow morning when winds become a lot calmer throughout the greater bay area. less friction in the atmosphere and that's what's going to allow temperatures to really drop down for the morning hours. we're looking at an average of 38 for the south bay tomorrow morning. peninsula, 39. back in the east bay, 35. and for the north bay, start og of with 33. the jackets, gloves, scarves, you'll need it tomorrow morning. if winds go lighter than forecast, might even actually vm isolated 20s for tomorrow. don't forget the layers. when you wear the layers, it helps to trap heat next to your body and keeping you warmer.
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sunny skies return. temperatures in the mid-50s for the north bay. tri-valley 56 and the south bay also at 56. we'll stay dry in the forecast all the way through friday. our next storm system, though, begins to approach by friday evening. looks like that rainfall will start to push down by 8:00 in the morning on saturday. could get another quarter to half inch. we'll track this coming up in the full forecast. >> sounds good. thanks, jeff. is bigger better? the reason why larger trash cans, they believe will get more people to recycle? >> what could be a holiday bonus from the government. millions of dollars unclaimed. what you need to do to get your share. every day - roads, highways and
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br let's take you outside on this monday evening rush hour. it's a problem many of us face, the road and highways and bridges in bad condition. here's a live look at 880 in oakland. it's one of the trouble spots as you know across the state. but is there a fix in sight? governor brown and the state lawmakers actually tried to fix the problem in a special session a few weeks ago. but they failed. now they're going to try it again. nbc bay area's political analyst is with us. larry gehres ten. >> rush hour. don't you like that concept. anything but. the probable limb, raj, is massive in scope. look, combined 68% of all state
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and local road here are in poor to fair conditions. that california is left with repair costs. $57 billion for state roads. $78 billion for local roads and bridges. this is only the next decade. 135 wilds. how much is that? that's more than the entire state budget for the current year. >> without being cynical here, how do we get into this mess and don't we already have high tax gaxs. >> our the fifth and tough high eds -- three problems have developed. gas tax collections have gone down. they've gone down because you know as well as i do, lower gasoline prices. second, the state hasn't raised gasoline taxes since 1994.
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the percentage per gallon. not only that, increasing numbers of hybrid and electric cars. these guys still use little or mo gas but they still use the road. the result, californians pay, get this, twice the national average for maintenance caused just by poor roads. >> the million dollar question, what are we doing about this crisis? as the governor likes to say, we're continuing to kick the can out the door. >> this time they've got two similar plans. but the republican, of course, are very resistant because they don't like like to raise taxes. at least for the time being. here's what the plans come down to. increasing gas taxes betwe between $.06 and $.12 a gallon. increasing diesel truck by 16 mers. 65 and $100 annually for electric vehicles.
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depending upon the plan, the state would raise between 3.6 and $4.3 billion annually or about $130 or so per vehicle. sounds good but unless the state republicans join in with the democrats to provide these 2/3 majority required in each chamber to raise taxes, even this modest plan may stall. >> when can we see a vote on that? you talk about the 2/3 majority. >> they're in special session, my friend. it could be in a matter of weeks. thanks, larry. are you looking for extra money for the holidays. if you filed a tax return in california, you may have money coming to you. the tax board is sitting on money from refunds. some 49,000 people can claim that money. >> this doesn't even have to be last year's refund or this year's refund. if you have a refund due to you, it never expires. if it was ten years, 15 years,
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give us a call. you may have a refund waiting. if you're one of the thousands entitled to that unclaimed money, we have a link to it own our website. cleanup of plastic pollution continues here. another mess in pacifica. we'll have the story coming up. a new link to autism. could it be the research raising questions for women taking antidepressants during pregnancy. come on in pop pop.
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pollution washing onto a popular bay area beach tonight. it's all cargo from a wave after wave of plastic pollution washing on to a popular bay area beach tonight. all of it cargo from a freighter that spilled a dozen shipping containers as it sailed out of the bay. now, it has been a day of combing the beaches, cleanup crews scour the san francisco coast today to collect truck loads of plastic. i want to show you a map where the biggest trouble spot is, toms baker beach in san francisco. mark matthews is out there with the common tools they're using to clean up this mess. it's a huge mess, mark. >> reporter: it is a big mess. over 1,000 green plastic bread trays strewn all over the beach here. getting the trays up was hard but the timing has come from the refrigerated container. went i tried to pick up as
6:30 pm
much as she could as she walked her dog. >> is looks like rocks but then you can break it. >> matt's entire parking dive seen scene to do the cleanup. >> we're going to use leaf blowers and blow it into miles and take it in plastic cards. >> there's a new mess in pacifica. another refrigerated container broke up at more i point. it washed north for more than a mile. >> it's plastic. so it's never going to decompose unless someone takes it away and washing it out to sea again. >> parker says he will be in pacifica tomorrow. >> after we finish this. >> the national park service which manages the area is waiting for more reports on the rest of the dozen containers coming shore. >> at this point, we're just
6:31 pm
looking at cleanup. we'll talk about cost recovery that's necessary once we're done with that. >> this is the stuff. it's the styrofoam insulation from the refrigerated containers. it's nasty and it boats and it's all over the beach down in pacifica. theer getting a handle on it here in baker beach. a note to voters, there are at least ten other containers floating out there. if you hit one of those submerged containers, tear out the bottom of your boat. be keir neglect-elect. >> that could be very problematic. deadly crashed this morning. a car and a like koided at an intersection. rosa ma min ski of san jose died at the scene. it hapd on chenoweth avenue. this was close to gunderson high
6:32 pm
school. they don't believe -- >> students accused of throwing a rock at a new police van seriously injuring an officer. it happened near britt ee avenue and 7. >> police flood the area and found the suspects. the teenagers were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. >> was he on the clock? an uber drive plowed into a building close to a restaurant. we'll show you video of the skien. it happened in the so ma neighborhood, next door to the restaurant. you can see huge mats. it car jumped the curb abdomen went into the building. it's not sure if the driver was active on the app at the time of the crash. there's always talk but rarely action. california has some of the striktest gun laws in the country. today in the state capitol,
6:33 pm
there's a wush to do more. there was a gun prevention at the capitol. it coincides with the anniversary of the shooting of the sandy hook emily -- mental health experts discuss suggestions for reducing jun violence. >> the second amendment and gun violence prevention are not in conflict. they can work together hand in glove. >> both sides of the issues were at today's meeting. california requires background checks and there was talk of legislation on a state and national level banning people on the no fly list from getting guns. >> okay, the biggest heavyweight fight in las vegas won't be in the boxing ring. it will be in the political arena during tomorrow's republican debate. donlt trump will face two owes. >> at the dedebate site in las
6:34 pm
vegas. crews and rubio have their own braching rights as well. >> this is the venetian where frankly it's cold. tomorrow night, donald trump could turn on the flames more than he has in the last couple of debates. to for one thing, he has the two rivals to worry about. they're closing in. the texas certain and trump is buoyed up by his performance in the poll since the attack in san bernardino. donald trump heads to las vegas with plenty to worry about. even though he's hit a new high in one poll. 41% in today's survey of republicans. in a general election matchup with hillary clinton. in today's nbc news "wall street journal" poll, trump fares the worst. losing to clinton by 10. rar quo rubio does the best and trite outside a general election pitch in his new add. >> this is about the greatest country in the world.
6:35 pm
and acting like it. >> but it's ted cruise who is surging. he's in iowa. trump leads at 27 up 4. but cruise is just five points back. apparently picking up much of ben carson's support as carson drops a stunning 18 points. >> in las vegas today, many republicans who like trump are taking a new look at the texas senator. >> i like cruz better tn trump at this point. >> trump light and politically correct. >> he's a little more pofr wished. he's been in this arena for kite some time. >> slaum pg playsed him in the same rapss for shake -- >> he comes in frankly like a maniac. >> sonar r fa far he's refused
6:36 pm
to attack trump. >> he's being careful not to alienate any trump supporters. because they tend to tell pollsters their second choice is ted cruz. live from las vegas, steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. >> should be fascinating tomorrow night. thank you, steve. he's facing life in prison. a former prisoner of war court-martialed on several charges. the taliban, you might recall, captured sergeant bo bergdahl in 2009 and held him for five years. he was then released in a prisoner exchange last year. this decision overruled a previous hearing that recommended against jail time or a court-martial for bergdahl. coming up, uber and lyft hit a speed bum. the ruling that could bring big benefits to some drivers and could spell the end for the ride-sharing company. on the other hand, why drive when you can fly. drones are the hot gift this year. you'll have to give up some information to get one.
6:37 pm
why that's stirring up debate just ahead. help people recycle the right
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way. that's san jose's new plan. ==vo== size does matter. supersizing trash cans to help people recycle the right way. that's the new plan in san jose. some people who live in san jose could see these bigger trash cans as early as next month. city leaders right now say the people are dumping things that can't be recycled into recycling bins. greasy pizza boxes and diapers. they are hoping that increasing the size of trash cans will stop people from throwing garbage in the recycling bins. >> when it comes to air bnb, town council was looking to banning short term rentals, but now they're considering a law
6:40 pm
that would allow them and regulate them. that's according to the times. after supporters of short term renters expressed concerns. they're still allowed and the issue is back up for discussion in the new year. seattle is giving uber and lyft drivers the right to unionize. it's the first one in the nation to band together over pay and working conditions. that decision could cost uber and lyft significant money. the drivers are currently classified as contractors and don't receive any benefits like overtime or health insurance, something a union will fight to change. the companies are expected to challenge that legislation in court. more questions tonight about a potential link between autism in children and antidepressants. a new study says women who took antidepressants during pregna y pregnancy, especially in the second and third trimesters, had an increased risk of having a child diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder. it's important to point out,
6:41 pm
that increase in risk was extremely small. >> for women taking antidepressants during pregnancy, they found they have one half of 1% of an increase in having an autistic child. >> pregnant women on antidepressants are advised it talk to their doctors before stopping or adjusting their medication. the study appears in the latest edition of jama pediatrics. he's been praying for rain and boy is he getting it. >> not only this past weekend -- >> more to come. >> more storms to come. >> look at the smiles. >> yeah. rain. all right. you can see we do have clear skies right now in san jose and more storms to come in the forecast. we're going to detail it all for you in a few minutes. we call it in silicon valley,
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drone season. but anyone getting a drone for okay. it's almost christmas. as we call it in silicon valley, drone season. anyone getting a drone for christmas will have an extra step before they fly it. the faa released the rules on who has to register for the aircraft. it's getting pushback already. skod buttman is he-- scott budm with the rules. go online, give up information. pay $5 forget in trouble with your drone. >> from under the tree to up in the air. >> actually all of these you could buy and have ready to go out of the box. >> drones, hundreds of thousands of them are coming to a patch of airspace near you. >> december 26th. i think you'll see a lot of people in the park. >> they don't come wrout rules. the faa wants to you register your drone if it weighs more
6:45 pm
than half a pound. drone owners must submit their names, home addresses and e-mail addresses to register. >> this would be more expensive. >> at the mechanical engineering department, the drone experts say the rules make sense. >> quite frankly, someone could do potential damage that this could, it's nothing out of line with any of the other innings we do on a day-to-day basis. >> and with safety concerns topping the questions about drones list, most potential drone owners we found say they'll register. >> as long as you're following the rules and not going where you're not supposed to be. there's no issue with registering. >> just remember to do it after you unwrap yours. >> now despite all this paperwork and this is pretty substantial. you'll be able to do this online. as of now, the penalty for failing to register your drone can reach $250,000 and prison time. but the faa says the initial goal is to get people to sign up, not punish those who don't.
6:46 pm
raj and jessica, back to you. >> bottom line is sign up. >> do the right thing. >> okay. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri who i texted yesterday on that awesome rainy sunday watching football weather. >> you had coffee, the paper. >> and a cinnamon roll. >> whoa. >> a few of the rain in there somewhere too. awesome. >> nice breakfast. get a look at the doppler radar right now. a few spotty showers. very cold, light drizzle here. it's very intermittent. it's happened throughout the north bay and the peninsula. the potential is back for contra costa alameda county. the rain is overdoing it, but expect a drop or two over the next three hours. the story is the cold temperatures. we'll see that tonight through tomorrow morning. we're dropping to 52 in the south bay. east bay at, that's right, 46 degrees for the average and the north bay coming in at 47. tomorrow morning, we'll see the winds beginning to lighten up.
6:47 pm
less wind, less friction in the atmosphere without the atmosphere getting stirred up. you can see temperatures going colder. that's what we'll see through tomorrow morning. in fact, down to an average of 33 in the north bay. some isolated patchy fog is possible. east bay at 35. for the south bay at 38. if winds go a little bit lower than forecasted, we actually may have isolated 20s in the east bay and the north bay. be ready for that cold. make sure to wear the layers for tomorrow morning. where do we go from here? high pressure builds offshore. sunny weather once we get over the cold and isolated ground fog in the morning. so a nice day on tuesday's forecast. i want to put things on pause for a minute and look back at last week. what that system did for our sierra snow pack. we know it's the number one thing that will help us out with the drought. last week when we checked in, we had most of the sierra at about 630% of average. right now it's coming in across the northern tier at 83%.
6:48 pm
the central sierra, including lake tahoe at 85% and the southern sierra at 81. a gradual chip away at the drought. getting this snowfall up against the see ear. tuesday, micro climate forecast. it's going to be sunny by the afternoon. jacket weather still in place. the other thing you'll noticed, temperatures not fluctuating too much. cupertino, 55. around the mid-50s across the peninsula and san francisco. also expecting the same. the financial district at 55. north bay, east bay and the tri-valley, yes, more of the same. no matter where you're headed, expect pretty much the same temperature from the noert bay down into the south bay. napa will come in with 50s. the tri-valley at 56. what's next for us in the world of weather? we will stay dry in the forecast through most of friday. by friday night a storm system approaches and it looks to hit
6:49 pm
us by saturday's forecast. 8:00 km, 8:00 p.m. looks like a half inch to an inch of rain with that wet weather. once again on the weekend forecast, we have rain not only on saturday. but also the chance of showers on sunday. here's the thing, raj, jess, this system on sunday, as it moves in, ut upper level system could hang on to sunday and into next monday and also tuesday. totals from saturday's storm from sunday through tuesday could range 1.5 to 2.75 of an inch. it's an early look. that's what we're seeing right now at 6:49 on a monday night. >> this is how it should be coming into winter. >> sure. >> the giants making a big splash. 130 million bucks for this guy. big named pitcher. the deal is interesting to say the least. we'll explain, next. fter all thses years youd like
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to meet adele? today she announced she's coming to hello. i was wondering if you'd like to meet adele? she announced she's coming to northern california. she'll perform at the s.a.p. center saturday and sunday, july 30th and 31st. two days later at the oracle arena in oakland. in the meantime, you can get a preview that of concert tonight right here on nbc bay area. right after the first night of the voice finale. they will air it live. it's a concert taped last month at radio city music hall. good evening. geraud moncure in the comcast
6:53 pm
sportsnet studios. today the giants pushed their chips all in. they return with pitcher johnny kwat owe to complete their starting rotation. did win a world series with kansas city. but has question marks concerning consistency. the deal is six years at $130 million with him having an opt out after the second season. he went 11-13 last season with his numbers taking a dip after his trade from cincinnati to kansas city. but he was also dominant in a world series win over the new york mets. on friday, the nba suspended sacramento kings guard rajon rondo for one game after the hot headed veteran called nba official billiken di a gay slur. he announced that he is gay. i am proud to be an nba referee and i am proud to be a gay man.
6:54 pm
rondo took to twitter apologizing for the incident. "my actions during the game were out of frustration and emotion, period. they absolutely do not reflect my feelings towards the lgbt community. i did not mean to offend or disrespect anyone." now that the dust settled after the warriors first loss of the season on saturday night, you have to take a look at 24-1 to start the year and just say wow, amazing. a perfect seven-game roadie had never been accomplished in the history of the knick. step curry commented on coming up a little short. >> put up a huge fight. 6-1. any time you do that, it's a successful trip. little disappointed we didn't get the job done at the end. can't be mad about that. knowing how hard it is to win on the road in this league. we were really good for a while. >> all right. the raiders still basking in the
6:55 pm
glow of arguably the biggest upset of the season in denver yesterday. the defense tipped the broncos out of end zone all game long consistently -- khalil mack, the star of the defensive effort, kept the silver and backs playoff hopes alive. >> for us, you know, we take the good and the bad. we move forward to the next opponents. obviously the packers are coming in, we'll turn our full attention to the packers as soon as we're done here. there's momentum, i think it's created early in the week in how you approach the game and how you prepare yourself. i thought last thursday was one off you are better practices out of year. i thought we created momentum in that practice for what we saw yesterday. definitely a huge win. finally, guys, if you were looking for that christmas gift for the giants fan that has it all, this is it. it's the nutcracker.
6:56 pm
partners at the san francisco giants, if it's a must have for you, you can pick it up by simply buying a giants tickets six pack. they're on sale now through christmas eve. jessica, get it forage. i just spoiled it. you're a great partner with him. >> he's going to love it. >> yes. >> you got to know jeff and i will be getting it for this one. she was in the nutcracker performing over the weekend. thanks, geraud. great idea. >> do you cover your eyes. >> i got fresh walnuts too. >> go with all that rain you're bringing? >> yes. let's get a look at the doppler radar. the radar is overdoing it a bit. object n the lookout for -- the big story tomorrow morning the cold dropping into the 30s. get your jackets out. the gloves and the scarves, yeah, that too. see you at lech clok.
6:57 pm
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it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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eva longoria engaged. the ring, the i do details. >> congratulations. >> we have a reveal on how they make their long distance romance work now on "extra." >> eva longoria says yes in dubai. her fiancee pepe. >> you found a keeper. >> i did. >> are they moving into tom cruise's old mansion? more breaking couples news, justin bieber hooking up with kourtney kardashian and mocking her ex? plus, taylor swift with santa.


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